Software engineer with 5+ years of experience driven by a passion for creating seamless user experiences, I specialize in building frontend solutions for both mobile and web platforms.

My previous role was as a Software Engineer at Sammy helping them build a financial technology platform that provides a bank account in the U.S. without the need to be a resident or U.S. citizen designed for international digital professionals.


Wise Quotes

Published Raycast extension with +100 downloads that helps you get quotes on international money transfers between USD and any target currency using the Wise API.

Budget & Expenses Manager

I have a Google Sheets with all my expenses and finance data and I created a PWA to access the most important information from my phone as well to add new expenses. The project is build with React and with Node on the backend.

Exchange Rate PWA

I built this tool when I traveled to Canada. This currency converter tool provides foreign exchange rates by Mastercard to convert from CAD to MXN. It also provides a simple way to calculate the final amount in MXN and CAD after applying taxes and tips.


A web application that tracks products from some stores and notifies you when a price goes down.


Recently, I spent some time improving my development tools like vim, tmux, and shell.

Spotify Clone

A Spotify clone using React, Redux, Jest, Enzyme. It's a PWA so it can be installed on your phone or computer.


If you would like to talk send me an email or you can find me on:

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